Hills Tax and Accounting, PC
Specializing in Tax Debt Resolution and Business Legal Entity Selection.  

In addition to providing tax and accounting services, Henry Brasch is also an Investment Advisor Representative for the Investment Connection of Bridgewater, NJ.  

I provide ongoing portfolio management and performance reporting

This service is great for people who want to delegate day-to-day responsibility, but want to monitor how they are doing.  

If you already trust Hills Tax and Accounting to handle tax preparation,  it is reasonable to expect the same level of service and expertise in handling investments and Henry Brasch already knows your financial situation.  

The organization is fee-only.  Therefore, there is no conflict of interest and it is in both parties best interest to maximize the value of your account.  

The current initial investment strategy is an index strategy.  

To get started, schedule a free initial consultation, we can open accounts at Schwab.

Index Funds

 I am a proponent of an index investment approach.  History has shown that using index funds provides superior long-term results to actively managed funds.  This is mainly due low investment costs and tax efficiency.  Additionally, using index funds allows for better control over the asset allocation decision, which is important because I recommend staying invested at all times instead of trying to time the markets.  

Please visit www.theinvestmentconnection.com for more information and disclosures.

Please call 908-203-4744 or send an email to henry@theinvestmentconnection.com to schedule an appointment with Henry Brasch to discuss your investment goals.  

Investment Advising

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